Why is it that Catholics can not eat meat on Fridays durinng lent?

I’ve been raised Catholic since birth,and during lent(tha 40 days that tha lord sacrificed for us) we are not supposed to eat meat on each Friday of those 40 days.I’ve broken that rule every Friday since it started. Does anything bad happen? why is it though that we can not eat meat?

Answer #1

You aren’t supposed to eat meat because it’s like eating the lord.

Answer #2

Friday is the day that Jesus died, so Catholics abstain from eating meat (flesh) on Fridays during Lent out of respect for Jesus who gave up his own flesh to pay for the world’s sins. Before Jesus, sins were “paid for” by animal sacrifice (Leviticus 1:4, Romans 6:23). The death required to atone for sin was the death of a sacrificial animal. When Jesus died on the cross to pay the price of humanity’s sin he personally became the last sin sacrifice. After Christ’s death, no animal sacrifice was necessary to pay for sin, because his death paid the price of sin in full for all future generations. Today, Catholics thank and honor Jesus for his sacrifice by not sacrificing (eating) animal flesh on Fridays during Lent.

Answer #3

its a day of sacrifice. but I still have no idea why its good to sacrifice things. I was always told to sacrifice, but who does it bring happieness to? I was raised catholic but I just dont get it.

Answer #4

Firstly, Catholics Do NOT Isolate Meat From There Stomachs (wich means that they do not; Not eat meat on firdays) Lent is a day of fasting and if your a kid you have to take something out of your daily habits If your an adult Then You have to Stop eating Period for 40 days. I Said that to say this… Catholics Are Going through a Season of lent They Just fast (Prohibit themselves from eating) its Not Only Meat..

Hope I Helped.

Answer #5

because its like eating jesus..supposely

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