I go to a catholic school... I don't wanna be catholic anymore!

Well, I have been brought up as a catholic, but now, since I am old enough to think for myself, I have decided that I want to convert to atheism. I know that now I am an atheist, because I want to be one, but I still go to a catholic school, do I just not take the bread and wine in mass and instead cross my arms.

Also, do I have to tell the school or anything, in case they need records, and will it affect my chances of getting into university/college or anything?


Answer #1

Arrogance. I think it crosses all gender,belief systems, ages, races. You seem to always be angry jimahl. Why? Just let people have their opinion.

I went to Catholic school and I hated it. My parents wanted to keep me out of the public schools which weren’t too safe at the time but I liked how everyone got along much better in public school than stingy “Catholic” girls. They only knew the religion from the mouth and outwards. Not internally as any religious person would be. I understand why you say what you do. Maybe it’s the circumstances that make you want to be athiest. Whatever you choose. Be a good person is all you need.
Take Care, Mama K

Answer #2

“Just do it and when that urgent moment comes in your life make sure you don’t cry out “my God please help me” for help.”

Why would any athiest ever do this amblessed? You think because of some difficult time in my life will make me lose all common sense & intelligence and start believing in a magical being who will help me? I might as well ask the tooth fairy to help me. I will get the same response.

It amazes me how arrogant some christians can be.

Answer #3

you cant convert to atheism… its not a belief…

anyway, you dont have to be catholic to go to a catholic school your belief will not change your “intelligence” and thus wont hinder you getting into a good college

though I suggest just carry on as it is, you might get bad looks if you tell them you dont believe in the almighty big baby…

oh and as amblesed said so nicely, dont cry “God help me!” just cry “ Oh dark prince destroy this nuisance” it wont make a big difference but its funnier :D

Answer #4


Catholicism is a belief. If you don’t believe it, you aren’t catholic. Your religion has nothing to do with getting into college. You don’t have to tell the school. It is none of their business.

However, it is important to learn about various religions because they help shape the society we live in. Learning about them doesn’t mean you have to believe them.

Answer #5

I hope you make the right choices. good luck. :-(

Answer #6

Just do it and when that urgent moment comes in your life make sure you don’t cry out “my God please help me” for help.

Answer #7

I used to go to a catholic school and I had to sit next to a religious extremest. By this I mean someone who would sing Jesus songs all the time and say “Jesus is all powerful” and spit or look down on other religions. I have been thinking of converting not to atheism (because I believe there is something greater, just not God) but to a different religion that isn’t so… arrogant and a bit cult like.

Answer #8

informer, you’re a very smart man! Atheism is definitely NOT a religion therefore you cannot convert. While I am atheist I do like learning about religions. Anyways simply put, if you do not believe in god or satan you are atheist.

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