How do I get started in acting?

I really REALLY wanted to get into acting but don’t know where to start. how can I tell whether some one is trying to scam me or something? How do I know if I’m pretty enough or skinny enough or have enough experience to break into it? Does it matter? Please help!

Thank you :)

Answer #1

check out acting classes. make sure the school has a decent reputation. You are more likely to meet people in the field without being scammed there.

Answer #2

Well I wouldn’t recommend you going on the internet looking for these agents or sites that promise to help you into stardom because I’m pretty sure almost all of them are fake so try going plays ya know? Maybe you might get lucky and get picked into acting on tv or movies

Answer #3

you dont have to be skinny or pretty to do acting! + your probs pretty anyways ^_^ well id start by taking classes :] um going to any auditions near you. good luck :]

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