How to get started with acting?

I really want to try acting because I think I would be good at it. I live in Austin Texas. What are some good things that I can do/places I can go to try acting? I don’t want to try out at the school musical because I’m not a good singer. What can I do to get into acting?

Answer #1

if you can, take some classes and lookup some local community theater auditions…that’s what I did when I was in highschool. The community theater can be good practice & give you a good perpective on acting…then you could also try some amatuer YouTube videos to see if you can get exposure that way.

Book wise, get some on method acting, written by stanislovsky, as that’s the father of that school of acting & is what they use at a lot of colleges.

Answer #2

Finding generous parents would be a good start. A good way to dip your toe in and find out if acting is something you wanted to pursue and/or if you’re as good as you think would be to enroll in either some local acting classes or take advantage of the summer and head to acting camp.

I was going to include some links, but both “austin acting camp” and “austin acting classes” returned so many Google search results, it would be a disservice to you to pick just one or two. Needless to say, you won’t be wanting for choices.

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