Can I be pregnant if we used condoms and the shot?

well lets see i am 14 years old and b4 me b/f went to jail we had se x like 5 times and the night b4 he went to jail we had s e x evey time we had s e x we used a condom but ever sence the last time my stomach as been feeling really wird i am on the depo shot but i just dont feel right like i dont feel like myself i have always been a lil on th weight side sence i was like 11 i lost weight but now i look like i got it all bac i dont if i am pregant and i cant count on my period cause the depo stops it well it is not every month i get it and when i do i dont even bleed on a pad i onlii bleed when i wipe my self i need to kno if i am pregnant and i cant ask my friends cause they dont kno and my doc i am scared to sk

Answer #1

I’m 24 and was on the shot for 4’s darn near impossible to get pregnant. Don’t stress or worry about it too much. Take a test if it will make you feel better but I’m almost 95% sure you can’t get pregnant. :~) I was active with my husband during this time and we never took precautions. Good luck sweetie!

Answer #2

If you are on Depo and using condoms, there is a chance that you’re pregnant, but it is very unlikely. We can’t tell you for sure if you are or not though. Only a pregnancy test can tell you.

Most women on Depo do gain weight.

Answer #3

There could be a chance but ur best bet is to take a test hun x

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