What are the negative effects of drinking to much water?

Okay so every day i drink arond 3 litres of water, i do this because i have bad skin, very bad skin and i thought if i drunk a ton of water hopefully id see some change. I have. Today i was especially thirsty and drunk 5 litres,mainly from boredom. What are the negative effects of drinking so much because i know about this thing called dry drowning but i dont know much about it and iv heard if you drink too much water you die so im freakin out big time. Sorry. My stomach has been hurting for about 20 mins too..

Answer #1

if you drink more water than your body can handle you’ll throw it up. you can poison your self with water as it can cause a rapid flush of your system but very rare

Answer #2

Iv drank 5 litrres in about 6 hours… too much? :/

Answer #3

Slow down for a bit. Maybe eat something. Like I said on the status Ive drinken more and I was fine.

Answer #4

You need nutrients as well as water, to be healthy and have good skin. Water alone is not going do it. It’s going to take up room in your stomach and fill you so much that you won’t have any room for the other things that your body needs. You should eat. Eat good food and drink water instead of tea, coffee, juice, pop/soda/fizzy drinks.

Stefie, this is common sense. Your body needs fuel.

Answer #5

72 minutes per litter. 250ml (a glass of water) per 18 minutes. I think that is too much and you will have to go to toilet very often. I \Our stomach needs to produce its gastric lymph to process the food. Too much water will disturb the process.

Answer #6

You could wash all the electrolytes and sodium out of your system. Happened to my grandma, she had to be hospitalized.

Answer #7

Everyone agrees that water is great for the body, but when too much water is consumed, this weakens the kidneys. Kidneys are like washing machines, the more water they receive the more they’re going to be working and flushing water out. So drink water- but to a reasonable amount, don’t over do it. This will exhaust your kidneys.

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