can anyone tell me please? would you know if a guy came while inside u…like would you feel it?? please keep rude/mean comments to urself

Answer #1

ugh…no, well I was hungry this morning lol but I don’t think that’s what your talking about

Answer #2

actually that helps a lot thx =)

Answer #3

You get a feeling in your stomoach … like butterflys … your legs go like jelly and you cant get him out of your head is that how you feel? x

Answer #4

if he were to come inside you, I think you would know..first of all when you sit up..or move after you do it, it would run out of you…you would feel it and see it in tat area..

Answer #5

ok well somtimes you can feel it when a guy cums in you like its warm and somtimes you can;t umm you get butterflys and he gets goosebumps and maybe starts shaking while he’s in there.good luck

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