Do I tell anyone about my sister's anorexia?

My sister told me she was anorexic. She is one year younger than me she told me to absolutly not tell anyone. We have 4 older brothers. I was in shock, I love her so much. she has ALWAYS been extreeemmly thin. but now she looks sick , and it makes me sad. If I tell my parents she will go to a hospital in the matter of 6 seconds. I do not know what to do. Is this very serious? Do I tell our brothers to help before parents to see what they say? what will happen to her? could she die?. I am so sonfused and scared for her. Any help please. thank you

Answer #1

It’s not simply about eating more. That isnt going to cure the problem.

Dont make assumptions. The unknown is always scarier than reality. Dont start imagining what will happen to her if you tell. Unless she is physically unstable (or whatever the medical term for that is) they wont take her to a hospital… Unless it is really bad they usually start with outpatient counseling. She has to see a therapist and a nutritionist… It really isnt that bad. It will be scary for her because they’ll be asking her to let go of the control she’s had for all this time over food. But she needs help. She could end up seriously huring her body or killing herself. Talk to your parents.

Answer #2

Yes its’ serious!!! Tell your parents, like now! yes, she can die from anorexia. It’s not tattling on her if you tell your parents. It is a sign of how much you love her. The hospital will help her get better.

Answer #3

wow if shes sick then she needs to est but not a lot because her stomach shrink when she dosent eat when shes hungrey so she needs to healthy snack when she hungrey like NOW

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  She definitely needs to see a therapist. Anorexia can cause her body permanent harm including death.

  Information on eating disorders:

Answer #5

heyy hunnn.

right. you must tell someone!!! I no she wont like you for a bit but in the long run she we thank you. trust me! I have a friend who has an eating disorder and she is getting help because she told someone.


Answer #6

most people think the same things, but yes it is very serious. if she doesn’t get help very fast she will have more problems than just anexoria. get her help, and know that since she has this problem, she will probably have a lifetime of fighting this battle with herself, just be supportive, because it is hard. if you have questions about the illness you should watch the documentary THIN. it is really good, and would probably help you understand what your sister is going through.

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