can a yeast infecation cause a rash over by body

i have a yeast infection and now a rash all over my body.

Answer #1

yea they can cause rashes.. but not all over your body. and there are many things it could be such as an STD.. go see a doctor so they can test you.

Answer #2

Hi there. I am a Doctor in Canada. Yeast infections can cause a rash, however, some STD’s mimic the symptoms of a yeast infection as well as cause rashes. I would have your physician do an internal exam as well as a pathogen swab of your cervix. Also, you may be having an alergic reaction to a medication you are taking for the yeast infection, a laundry soap which is on your clothes that has irratated the sensitive skin around your vagina as well as your body - or you may have allergies to latex or some other material that came into close contact with your genitals. Hope this is a help

Answer #3

Hi, i’m pretty sure a yeast infection can cause a rash!

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