What is causing my rashes?

I’ve had rashes on me for three days, and I don’t know why, I haven’t touched any plants, haven’t changed my diet or anything, but I’ve been using aloe vera on the rashes

does anyone know what could’ve caused it?

Answer #1

What about seafood? You can suddenly become allergic to things like that. Shrimp? Can you remember what you ate the day before?

Answer #2

Weird…and it’s not going away at all?…Is it getting worse?…a lot of rashes are allergies but it can also be something else, especially if anything else is going on at the same time like feeling sick or something. See a doctor if it’s getting worse.

Answer #3

I have the pills, but not the cream, and it’s SO hard not to scratch it. I have healing lotion,but I haven’t used it, just anti-itch spray and aloe vera

but I don’t see how something I’ve ingested would affect me, unless something just happened to be on something I ate that’s causing my skin to break out

Answer #4

It doesn’t sound like contact dermatitis, because of all the different locations it’s affecting on your body. But it could still be an allergic reaction to something you’ve ingested.

Take Benadryl – it’s an antihistamine, and it comes in a cream and also liquid. I’d do both if I were you, get it inside your system and that will reduce any systemic reaction, and use the cream on the rash, and it should stop it from getting worse.

And no scratching ;)

Answer #5

I haven’t been feeling sick, and I haven’t had anything that I’d be allergic to, it’s not going away, and it’s on my stomach,neck,legs,thighs,arms,and chest

if I’m allergic to anything, I wouldn’t really know. I had an allergy test a few years ago and I was only allergic to dust

but I haven’t taken any different medicine, so I don’t really know how it happened. unless one of the cats got into poison ivy

Answer #6

oh and it’s not getting worse, it’s just itchy

Answer #7

if you’ve bought and used a new shampoo or body wash or lotion that could be a reason. it happens to my sister a lot.

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