My life is falling apart because of 1 mistakes I made.

My life is falling apart because of 1 mistakes I made. I honestly cant keep living like this. I cant eat & I cant sleep im constantly crying.. I m lost. PLEASE help me :(

Answer #1

Listen sweetie, bringing him back to you is not important. FORGIVING yourself is what is really important. If it truley was a mistake and YOU know for a sure fact that its something you will never do again then don’t trip off him. He the one that’s missing out on a person who can admit to making a mistake. If you are a person who believes in God then put your trust in him and He will lead you in the right direction. Real talk.

Answer #2

well its really sweet that you care for him that much but your going to have to eat or sleep at least otherwise you’ll get ill and im sure deep down he wouldnt want that, you just have to show him how much you really care and how you are sorry im sure youll be best of friends again sooner or later, good luck and keep strong (Y) x

Answer #3

I tried all that. I’ve tried text but he just doesnt care. I call him & he ignores it. Im going insane & I know im not going to be able to forgive myself. This was MY fault me not him just me. Trying isnt enough it just isnt.. I feel as if the only way to make him happy right now is if I drop dead. I miss him sooo much :/

Answer #4

ok irene… first off your not a bad person, the mistakes we make, make us who were suppose to be. there not a bad thing.. in fact I see it as something that can make us stronger… as long as we learn from them. second. dont hate yourself because bringing yourself down more isnt helping the situation any, the friendship you guys had obviously was strong… if the friendship is suppos to continue… it will. you both werent perfect and you both made your mistakes… I honestly believe you guys will be friends again…

Answer #5

Well, maybe you should write him a heartfelt letter…mail it to him, if you can.

He may not forgive you, but at least you’ll have done what you needed to make amends, and who knows? He just might be able to put it behind him.

In the end, you tried, and now you have to forgive yourself, because life is too short to live in regret.

Answer #6

alright irene.. let me tell you something if you drop dead right now it wont solve nething it just means your giving up if the friendship means that much to you you WONT give up… we all make mistakes… we all have to learn the hard way… it doesnt make you a bad person…

Answer #7

I took my bestfriend for granted & now he hates me. He was my everything I KNOW I made a mistake he wont talk to me & I know nothing I say is going to bring him back. I f*cked up & I feel HORRIBLE I feel as if I shouldnt be happy for what I did.. I will never be able to forgive myself I hate myself for it

Answer #8

Well, it depends on what the mistake you made is…if you did something to someone else, can you make amends to them? If you did something that only you know about, and you’re suffering from guilt, is there a way to undo it? Are you in fear of getting caught for something that you did? Then best to fess up, and get the load off your head…

The bottom line is…no matter what it is…you have to forgive yourself, in the same way you’d forgive another person…that’s hard to do, but is necessary for peace of mind.


Answer #9

Perhaps you should see a doctor. Just think about all the good things in life, and listen to some cheerful music or go out with mates to take your mind off things.

Answer #10

you’ll get ill and im sure deep down he wouldnt want that,

I bet you he would want that..

Answer #11

Yes, it might help us to help you if you can be more specific?

Answer #12

what mistake did you do?

Answer #13

what did you do it could’nt be that bad???

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