I made a mistake - what should I do?

I made a mistake recently and feel quite guilty about it - you know that feeling in your gut that makes you feel bad about something you did. Is there anything I can do to stop feeling that way - does it go away in time if the thing you did wasn’t really that bad? is it just my guilty conscience and does it happen to everyone at some time in their life?

not really v specific is it??!!

Answer #1

I’m with Erasmus… guilt has a pupose. It lets us know when we have done something unethical or immoral. We learn to avoid guilt by doing the right thing the next time. many people try to drown guilt with drugs or alcohol. don’t go there… it doesn’t work. Erasmus is right and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Answer #2

It’s like I feel guilty for everything I do! Small or not I always feel like it’s my fault.You might just be raised that way. But most of the time it isn’t my fault and you just need to get it through your head if it isn’t. But it you’re so sure that it is your fault or just can’t get over it, what do you do when you step on a foot? You say sorry! Try your best at fixing it and I’m sure you’ll feel better. If that doesn’t help then maybe shed a lil more on this situation of yours so we can help.

Answer #3

It doesn’t have to be specific because what you are feeling is remorse. You did something wrong. Now you feel bad because of it. Go make ammends for what you have done. If you lied, tell the truth. If you hurt someone, make things right. Whatever it is that you have done ask yourself this. Why did you do it? And, was it worth it? Apparently it wasn’t worth it because now you feel reall bad about what you have done. It might go away eventually, it just might. You might even wake up tomorrow and be over it. Did you learn anything from this? Is what you did going to change you in ways you don’t fully realize? Are you going to become a better or worse person now because of this? Learn from this. Go make things right. Go do the right thing. Listen to your conscience next time.

Answer #4

Some time ago I made a massive mistake and it really started messing up my life. But I found that as I was moving away, in time, from the point of making the mistake I was having to deal with other stuff which wasn’t a problem. You see the biggest problem which causes you to feel bad is when you start focussing on your mistakes to the point where you can’t even see all the good stuff that is going on in your life. So my advice to you is to try and avoid magnifying the mistake and making it look really massive - the best way to do this is to keep thinking about the following points (1) things are always changing so even if you feel bad about things now, you won’t necessarily have to feel the same tomorrow (2) maybe it’s a good thing that you made this mistake because it has focussed your mind to the point where you will never make this mistake again and (3) most important of all - your mistake is NOTHING compared to some of the mistakes some other people have made - so try not to worry about things and only discuss confidential things with people you can trust. Finally, if this has been of any help then PLEASE don’t mail me back and start telling me what the mistake was because (I) it really is none of my business and (ii) I don’t even know you !

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