What made a difference/impact in your life

What is something or someone that made a HUGE impact in your life?

Answer #1

In a negative way, my mom. I was living with my dad, getting great grades, 3.5 gpa..until I decided to move in with my mom, who was unstable at the time… I missed 4 months of school from ditching, drank and got high all the time. I moved back to my dads and got back on track. That happened about 6 years ago.

Answer #2

When my parents bought me a horse…having one consumed all my energy and time, from 4th grade until I graduated from high school…and kept me out of big trouble, I’m sure.


Answer #3

Hmmm. When I moved 4 times in 1 year.

Answer #4

When I found jesus LOL just kidding

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