Why is everything in my life falling apart ?

My grandpa is dying, I lost my best friend, my father doesn’t care about me, I got my friends family to hate me, got the cops called on my family, my mom can’t get a loan for the house we want to get, my car and our washer and dryer broke.

It seems like every time there is an oppertunity for something to go wrong, it does. I believe in karma. But I don’t think I’ve deserved anything like this. I’m not that bad of a person. It’s so hard to pretend like everything is okay in my life, when it’s not.

It’s got to a point where I don’t even give a sh!t about anything. I just want to go get high or something to just forget about all the pain and bad things in my life. I stay up all night, I can’t sleep at all.. So many things are happening that I can’t relax long enough to sleep. I’m normally a very happy person, I’ve never been this down before. How can I over come this?/:

Answer #1

Unfortunately in this life everyone has there UPS and DOWNS … at this moment you are at a DOWN. I understand how hard it is… Been there done that !!! But life goes on… we still breathe we still have blood in our veins and the sun shines on us everyday. There is an old saying in spannish “God tightens, but doesn’t choke” Have faith that everything will be fine. Each problem has an end. Don’t give up on life quite yet! (never) that is something you should never lose hope on!!!

Answer #2

hey girl! umm..first of all, drugs are NOT the answer. a lot of people turn to them and say it makes them feel so much better cause they forget about their problems.well, they may help for a little while, but what happens when you get hooked? I’ve done weed before but never really got into it. my thing was extacy for a longgg time. I probubly spent over a thousand dollars on that stuff, and even though I dont do it anymore, im still suffering from what it did to me emotionally. I get to the point where I feel like im comming down off of it (when im really not) and I could just kill someone. its horrible. right now, your just going through a really rough time. I got into church! that really helped. I’ve reallized that when I cant trust people and it feels like everybody has betrayed me I just sit in my room and have a talk with God. you’d be suprised how much it could help! just dont give up. this is just a time in your life thats hard, but things will get better. just give it time =]

Answer #3

Everything only seems to be falling apart. You don’t realize this and you may not understand, but sometimes bad things happen to people who are not doing enough to prevent problems. Example: Your car probably already had a problem, possibly even a check engine light on and you did not do enough or anything to prevent the breakdown… maintenance is necessary for everything, you vehicle, your relationships, your credit, bank accounts and most importanly for that which gives us the wisdom, knowledge and direction to succeed in life… God. People don’t realize that to accept Jesus Christ as our saviour is not only for us to be blessed by making it to heaven, but so that we may be blessed during our time on Earth… If you want to change your life… Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, Diligently study the word of God (Bible), walk the path of righteousness and see your world change… Become the one who can say “For Once I Was Blind, But Now I See” walk with God… Amen.

Answer #4

I’ve got Chrohn’s disease. I am thirteen and I haven’t grown for four years. I used to be the tallest in my class. I was 5’ ft. in 4th grade and I’ve been that tall since then.. I’ve been trying different medicines to try and solve it but have gotten no where. I have been on prednisone, a steroid which prevents me from growing, makes me depressed, makes me gain weight, and makes my face abnormally puffy. I got down to 2.5mg after 6 months of tapering off of it. Just recently I have gotten sick again and am back on it.. I used to be the tallest, strongest, fastest, most atletic kid at school.. But now I am just a fat loser until I get chrohn’s disease solved. Life just seems like a never ending hell.. :(

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