Why do people bother to run from police?

When you watch like a police programme on tv, some of the people try to leg it away… even for minor offences… why do they bother though… because 9 times out of 10 the police catch them, and they end up being thrown to the floor and get arrested… which has to be painful… so… why do they bother even why the offence is very minor… or even when they didn’t do anything wrong?


  • Jess =]
Answer #1

The same reason the police are after them… they’re stupid…

Answer #2

You realize that on tv you are only seeing it when the cops actually catch the person? It wouldnt be much fun watching the cops lose the person… People probably get away more often than is portrayed on tv

Answer #3

cause they are very stupid and they think they can get away… sometimes people do get away but sooner or later there going to find them so I dont know whats the point to even runaway… soo could be just because they think they can get away with it!!!

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