Does it bother you when people mix up ignorant and dumb?

This has ALWAYS botherd me,

When people call others Iggnorent, when they mean to say they are stupid/dumb.

I just want to let it out the Iggnorence does NOT mean someone is stupid/dumb.

Iggnorence: Means someone does not know. Stupid/dumb: Means someone who is not capable of knowing.

Sorry. But does this bother anyone else, lol!

Answer #1

Well using the word wrong is just a prime example that they are ignorant themselves. But its just something that if you let it get to you that it bothers you, then it is unhealthy. Just stress not really needed. If you can explain to them that the word they are using is not the way it should be used then perhaps some stress will be released from it. People can either be really smart or rather very Stupid. Just gotta educate the epople, or atleast help them undertand better. They may not even know what its true meaning is intill they are shown it.

Answer #2

Yeah, I guess that is really annoying. People need to just say what they mean. I hate it when people use words like ignorant in the wrong context.

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