Do deaf people hear in their dreams

Can deaf people hear in their dreams if they are born deaf, or blind people if they are born blind?

Answer #1

If they were born deaf, then no they can’t hear in their sleep. It’s like speaking spanish in your sleep.

Answer #2

well my sis told me in her dreams she could talk but she was signing at the same time and she is deaf… but that only happend 1 time that I know of

Answer #3

It depends on the person tbh. If they were born deaf then it is less likely because they haven’t experienced sound so they can’t dream about it but if they were born able to hear and then went deaf then most probably because they know what it is like so they can experience it in their sleep. Hope that helped. :)

Answer #4

but I think if they dont know what something sounds like I don’t imagine they would

Answer #5

Ya they can

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