Breast feeding

Yes I need to breast feed an when to stop breast feeling a baby ab what the proper age to sen a kid to skol

Answer #1

You can feed for as long as you feel comfortable to. For some parents, it’s a week. Others six months. Others nine months. Others 12 months. Some feed up until the kid is 2, 3 or 4. it’s a personal decision.

Answer #2

they teach you how to breast feed in the hospital when you deliver the baby. that’s when your milk comes in.

as for how long…9 months is supposed to be a good amount of time, but one month is better than nothing. it all depends on how it works for you and your baby.

Answer #3

Usually when you have a baby and you decide to breast feed they will send in someone who specializes in that area before you leave and they will give you tips,help start you off, and give you a number to reach them at…as for stopping(and starting) I found the best way was reading the nursing mothers companion book ease off because it can be a little painful if you go cold turkey try replaceing one breast feeding with the bottle and work your way up… as for school 4 years old a child can go to preschool but they must pass a test and they must have availability and they dont always offer preschool in some places other then that 5 or go to the school and find out what the birthday deadline is(thats usually if at enrolling time the child is for but will turn 5 either before the start of the school year or very soon after)

Answer #4

Well, breastfeeding is a very personal decision that only you can make. It creates a close bond between mother and baby. When you have a baby every hospital has women that are called Lactation consultants who will help you learn how to get a baby properly “latched” on.

You stop breastfeeding when you want to or when the baby decides they don’t want to be attached to your breast anymore. Normally women stop when the baby is about a year old.

School…why would you worry about that now? Most preschools will not accept children unless they are potty trained and the state or country you live in will let you know when your child can go to kindergarten (normally they have to be 5 before September 1).

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