What do you prefer, breast feeding or bottle feeding?

Breast feeding or bottle feeding?

Doing this for child development courswork Neeed as much answears please. & if you know anyone who has had a baby and dont have them ask them please you’rll be helping my chart out muchly thanks. :)

Answer #1

I bottle fed and breast fed that way I can make him a bottle with formula when we are out somewhere and just brest feed when home

Answer #2

breastfeeding is always best..because of the safety of what’s in it and the bonding time between you and your child. but some babies can’t drink the milk, because they have funny stomachs, in that case, they would need a specific formula juss for them. hope I helped :]

Answer #3

Breastfeeding when I was home and bottle when I was in public. I loved the bonding that took place with breastfeeding but I never was comfortable enough doing it in public.

Answer #4

I used to work in a day care.. most of the mothers breast fed, because of the nutrients in the breast milk. Others just preferred formula because of the pain and the hassle.

Answer #5

breast feeding because there are a lot of dangers in baby bottles for newborns and the breast milk is natural and way more healthy

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