Breast feed or bottle feed?

Child development course work Wht do you think is best breast feed or bottle?

Answer #1

There is no right answer for this or best answer. It honestly depends on the baby and mother. Some mothers arent capable and some babies dont feed well with breast. Some say Breast is better and other say Bottle. Just depends on the sitiuation

Answer #2

I had no trouble breast feeding, and never any pain from actual feedings…for a whole year, but some babies dont latch and never will. I say that if you and your baby are both comfortable with it, breast feed as long as you possibly can! It also helps losing weight after having your little one.

whether you think its more nutritious or not, the truth is you never know until you do it. I have heard of babies bein allergic to their own mothers milk.

if your baby decides to latch on, then breast feeding is perfect! if not, then you are stuck pumping or with formula. my husband is a manager at a grocery store, and they take formulas off the shelf all the time because the companies are constantly impoving them. so they have a formula out there that is almost exactly your boob juice!

Answer #3

I preferred to breast feed. My son was gaining weight at a healthier rate and it was SO much more convenient. I never had to worry about packing bottles or formula- I just found a bench to feed. Plus there was the bonding experience with him that I just don’t quite get (I’m sure he does though) from bottle feeding. I stopped producing enough and had to supplement (despite trying every trick in the book- LITERALLY) and that just made things worse. Had to stop a few weeks ago because he has teeth and uses them to the best of his ability. :o

Answer #4

first of all breast feeding is not as easy as it seems! It is difficult! and often painful so it really depends on what you are up for.

personally I am going to breast feed when I have a child. I just think mothers milk is so much more nutritious and good for the baby than any formula would be. And also breast feeding causes you to burn up to 1,000 extra calories a day because of the milk production your body works on. Breastfeeding helps you get back into prebaby weight.

Answer #5

yeah but what do you find best what do you prefer best is that im asking.

Answer #6

Being formula fed has nothing to do with your IQ.

I’ve never had children, but my brother was allergic to my mothers breast milk and had to go on goats milk when he was a baby.

I do know that most women prefer to breast feed, but it really depends on the women and her baby.

Answer #7

breast feeding

Answer #8

formula my cousin was formula fed and she has a 135 IQ

Answer #9

Breast Feeding :). The anti-Bodies from breast milk help build up your childs ammune system, which means he/she will be able to fight of anything better than those who have been bottle fed. Good thiing I listen to the teacher sometimes aha. HopeiiHelpedd :).xx

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