Can someone born blind imagian seeing?

Answer #1

It’s doubtful - they wouldn’t know what “seeing” is.

Answer #2

I don’t think anyone will know if they can imagine seeing. I mean their seeing would probably be a lot different than ours.

Answer #3

Sure they can, our brains can design anything we desire and based on what he learns from his parents/friends he’ll put a picture together out of imagination. The mind is a beautiful thing. (=

Answer #4

But his picture won’t look the same as ours. He will imagine seeing, but not as we see. And if he sees like we do, we wouldn’t know.

Answer #5

But he wont know the difference and so it’s basicly the same.

Answer #6

No. It’s really not. It’s like how other species of animals see things. We cannot even imagine their view point, so to say we see the same way in our heads is completely incorrect. What we call seeing is not something people who were born blind can do.

Answer #7

i kind of agree with colleen but i have watch documentaries on this and read tons of stuff like this. they actually dont see. born without eyes you have no visual aspect of anything. just touch, taste, sounds, and smells. when a blind person or a person born without eyes dreams they have dreams but of nothing visual. they tend to smell things or hear things. and i have only seen a documentary of one person whose visual part of the brain works when painting but doesnt actually see anything. His name is Esref Armagan. He was born without eyes and yet seems to be a wonderful artist. and i really mean that. i wont promote another website but it shows him in a short documentary painting and shows 3d perception.

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