Do blind people see the light when they die?

Hey people well I have a ? for yall I didnt come up with it a dude from skul did well anywho dis ? is maybe stupid bt ima go ahead and ask it anyway: Okay if someone is blind and they die do they see the lite??? To me this was a hard ? I mean I’ve never thot about it so han you answer it???

Answer #1

How would a blind person make his way to get judged?

Answer #2

I don’t know if they do its a hard ? lol

Answer #3

I know as far as blind people go, if a person was once a seeing person, they can still visualize things in their we do, according to memories of sight.. A person who is born blind, associates memories differently…by smells and sounds and such.

I think “seeing the light” is different and doesnt really have to do with being a blind person or seeing person, because if you were dead and saw the light, it cant be with your eyes…since your brain is dead and heart isnt pumping your nerves would die and you’d have no oxygen to the eye etc etc…You would have no vision…

I think seeing the light is more of a religous figure of speech..or maybe out of body experience…having nothing to do with your eyes .

But since I’m not blind or dead and there aren’t any blind, dead people who talk..will we ever know for sure…probably not.

Answer #4

Yes, anyone who has accepted the spirit of christ into their heart, mind and life. (become “born again” – basically is then born of the spirit) not only of the flesh. To see the light(or the kingdom - heaven) here or when we pass on, is a spiritual enlightenment. It has nothing to do with the physical eyes. However, we will have perfected bodies as well. The person with such an affliction as blindness (or any affliction) for that matter, is special. God takes what the evil one meant for harm and uses it for good. You see good is good and doesn’t mame people or kill babies. He is now using bad for good. And when the new earth comes we will be given a glorious body made in completeness just like the first one with the exception of no evil to destroy it. Look forward to that day and even cherish what God does in spite of the bad. If you are born again, you will be able to “talk” to Him in your spirit. He even makes you laugh. He is like us we are like Him. The bible does say if we don’t accept the FREE gift of salvation that there is no way to live forever. We won’t have a connection to what His plan is and our part in it. All we have to do is say basically: Dear father, I know I am a sinner, all have sinned. I know your son Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, so I could be forgiven and redeemed. I know also, that I haven’t done a good job running my life and need to talk to you when I need help. Or, even when I need a friend.
The bible says I need to say this prayer so you can come into my life and be my friend(closer than a brother-is what the bible says). Please forgive me, come in my heart. Thank you. I know that I am born of the spirit of God now more alive and more attune to life and you. Romans 10:9 Amen

Answer #5

Well, I am not Christian, but I am guessing someone who believes in heaven, etc. would probably say that in heaven you are totally free, happy, and free of all physical disabilities. So I am guessing yes.

Answer #6

yep. when you die, all your disadvantages on earth dissapear. if you had no arms, you would get arms, if you couldnt hear, you would hear, if you couldnt see, you would see. the soul would go to its pure form and everything will be perfect. x

Answer #7

in my opinion,Sure they do, with their soul/spirit, unlike the physical sight.

Answer #8

The only one who would know an answer to that question would be a blind person who passes away =P

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