Can a salon bleach my black hair to scene color blonde?

So, my hair is naturally medium brown and I have it dyed black. I want to get it bleached to a whitish blonde. I have an appointment to go to the salon tomorrow morning but now I’m worried it won’t turn out right. This is because a girl that works at the salon knew about my appointment (and she isn’t a hair stylist, she just cleans up there) and messaged me saying that if I get my hair bleached it will turn out ugly orange because my hair is dark. Is this true? I thought that anyone could bleach their hair from black to blonde. I know that this damages your hair a lot. But I really want whitish blonde scene hair XD

Answer #1

Oh dear, that sounds bad. I think I’m going to try it but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll get it dyed some random color. I’m just sick of brown and black hair now. Might go blue :P

Answer #2

@ aquariangirl , well maybe you could NOT judge me for wanting to look the way I want to look. You probably look like a billion other people too. Don’t answer someone’s question unless you’re going to be a decent person about it.

To everyone else, thanks for the advice. But my hair turned out great and the ladies at the salon told me my hair is still very healthy. They could hardly believe how well it turned out and how healthy and smooth it still is. Everybody is different and I guess I’m lucky. XD

Answer #3

By “scene” I mean a whitish blonde, not golden blonde.

When I asked the question I mean, is it possible? Can they do it? I already know that it will damage my hair.

Answer #4

Well maybe you could NOT try to look scene and NOT try to look like a gagillion other people. And destroying your hair isn’t pretty at all either.

Not trying to be mean, but youll REALLYYY regret doing all this scene stuff when you get older, especially when your hair is more coarse than a black girls hair. Which would be really, really sad.

Answer #5

I was gonna do it but my hair stylist told me that it wouldnt work an it would possibly make my hair fall out. you have to let your hair grow out an get rid of the black that way. and then do it.

Answer #6

I dont think it will work. I have naturally brown hair but dyed it black and tried to bleach it to blond too. they bleached it like 3 times, my scalp was messed up, I had really bad dandruff for days because my scalp was so damaged. AND it was so so ORANGE. really ugly orange. I think if you dyed your hair black over a year ago it might work ourt somehow but otherwise please don’t do it!!

Answer #7

yes, its true orange is the natural pigment under naturally coloured hair so the first time you bleach it, it goes orangy blonde you need more than one bleaching process to get it the colour you want I would say around 3 which will destroy your hairs health, strength and shine try to fade out as much of the black by using normal shampoo for non treated hair so you can get the colour you want, it will just take more than one bleach and will ruin your hairs health more I also dont know what you mean by “‘scene”‘ coloured blonde, because any colour of hair could be considerd “‘scene”‘

Answer #8

Well ask lady before she does it.

Answer #9

yes. it will come out a light orange or dark (depending on how your body reacts). it takes a few times in order for it to become blonde.

Answer #10

Hey Girl, Well its not gonna turn out the way you want it. I dyed my hair like 3 days ago blonde with dark brown But a year ago I dyed my hair black and they kept reapplying the bleach on my hair because some of the black dye was still in my hair. So your probably gonna be their for a while. I was their for 5 hours!!! yea I know tooo long. So just talk to the person whos gonna dye your hair and tell them how its gonna turn out before you start dying it.

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

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