Mixed girl +scene cut= ???

Im mixed [white mom and black dad] And im emo/punk/goth wateverr And I wanna get my hair cut scene But I don’t know if my hair wud b managable with a scene cut Help?

Answer #1

I know 2 mixed girls with scene cuts it looks really good. go for it!

Answer #2

thanks:D but this is how I want my hair I don’t know what the girl in the pic’s race is

Answer #3

well I don’t know…but I think you’d look cute with that type of cut! :]

Answer #4

unfortunantly most young kids dont know the meaning of the sterotypes goth, emo, punk,scene, ect and usually join them as a fad, then move onto the next thing when it gets old the girt in the pic has olive skin so she might have something like italian in her as for your hair, a salon could make it “scene” for you just bring in a picture of a haircut you like and tell them youd like that with your hair usually all the have to do is some cutting and layering, maybe even cut a fringe which you can later pull over your forehead with a bobby pin or hairclip as most girls who claim to be “scene” do and you dont have to put a label on yourself you can adopt different things from a variouse range of sterotypes into your style and still be yourself

Answer #5

Your hair would look good cut like that. Have them layer it, give you some bangs and layer them in chunks and then razer them. You would probably have to get a round brush and blowdry the bangs everyday, like I do, but straighten the rest of your hair. Use a frizz control shampoo and conditioner, like Garnier Frutics. I love that brand because it makes your hair really manageable. Be sure to use some hairspray to prevent frizz and static from messing with your hair, too.

Answer #6

I think you’d be really pretty. It’s not all that hard to manage either.

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