Can birth control make ur boobs bigger without you getting fat?

lol and i also need to regulate my period..

Answer #1

The pill could theoretically, as it contains estrogen and progesterone which are both involved in breast development. However the increased size would mostly be only temporary.

Answer #2

When taking birth control, there’s no way of knowing how the individual will react in terms of side affects. A common side affect is weight gain, and there is no way around that. You are only 15 years old so your period probably won’t regulate for a year or so, however some girls have very regulated, ‘easy’ periods, so again, there’s no way to tell, or speed it up.

Answer #3

hmm..ok thank guyssss:)

Answer #4

no, not really. firstly not every girl notices changes in her physical body with birth control, very few get bigger boobs, and for the ones that did its because they gained a bit of weight too. also the results are NOT permanent, as soon as you stop taking birth control, whatever increase you got will decrease and go back to the way they were before you started taking it. birth control should never be used just because you want bigger boobs, because it wont work out in your favour, ther are also many side effects

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