Birth Control, which won't make me fat?

What type of birth control pill can I take that won’t make me fat?

Answer #1

Take the pills, I’m on the pills and I haven’t gain weight. I been on the pills for 5 years now. I have gain weight because I been eating a lot. The pills not making me eat a lot, it’s me. I’m not fat though, but I think I am.

Answer #2

the pill doesnt make you fat. in some cases women might put on a little bit of weight. but thats just one of the small side affects. an iud isnt a pill by the way and its a lot safer risking putting on a tiny bit of weight that getting an anwanted pregnancy.

Answer #3

It’s a myth that the pill makes you gain weight. Most women go on the pill in that time of life when they are making major life changes and are entering adulthood. These changes usually come with weight gain. It’s a good idea to start a healthy diet and exercise program now.

There are two types of IUDs by the way. One is plastic, the other copper. The plastic one has hormones in it and acts similar to the pill. The copper iud immobilizes sperm to prevent a pregnancy.

xox Sika

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