How can I get birth control without my mom?

My boyfriend and I think it’s a good idea for me to get birth controls pills. I dont think my parents would take me to get them? Is there any way I can can’t them without my parents? If so how?

Answer #1

You can get them by yourself if you can drive… but you have to go to the doctors… they will do an exam… but the exam is very unpleasent.. the doctor will look down there and do some things.

Answer #2

You can have a private conversation with your gynecologist or a planned parenthood program near you about getting birth control pills. Usually the planned parenthood program offers the birth control pills for free.The pill has to be prescribed to you and they cost quite a bit depending on where you live (if your not getting it from pph). Usually your health coverage pays off the expenses unless your under your parents account. The best you can do is pay it off yourself so your parents don’t find out. If you want to find out about jobs for teens you can look here.

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