Does birth control give you fewer periods and bigger boobs?

that birth control gives you fewer periods & bigger boobs?? jw

Answer #1

ya you get less periods and you can get bigger boobs it just depends on where the extra weight goes because once your on the pill you can gain weight, some do and others dont, just like for some itll go to their stomach while others like myself itll go to your boobs ;p

Answer #2

no. It. Does. Not. Give you bigger boobs that’s no what its. For and. It. Depends you can have it once a month or 1 every. 3 months and 1 a year. But. I would go with the 1 a month it’s. The best one it keeps you clean. LOL.

Answer #3

Actually weight gain on the pill has been proven to NOT be a side effect. So bigger boobs are not a result of the pill.

Birth control pills can regulate your period. Seasonell is a brand that takes you down to 4 periods a year. A new brand Lybrell takes away your period completely, but most women spot irregularly while they are on it however.

xox Sika

Answer #4

It depends.. Birth control means a method of controlling pregnancy. I assume you mean the birth control pill.. There are different types. One decreases the number of periods to one every 3 months instead of one every month. Others ‘put your ovaries to sleep’ meaning you don’t get your next period for a while. The bigger boobs thing might just be a myth. =/


Answer #5

Yes. I use yasmin and my boobs grew a cup size. My periods aren’t so much lighter but don’t hurt anymore.

Answer #6

Weight gain is a common side effect… Which can sometimes occur it the boob area. But its not guaranteed.

Answer #7

I dont think it gives you bigger boobs but the fewer period part is true

Answer #8

birth control.. yes gives you fewer periods but uhh not shure about the boobs things.

Answer #9

I dont know about the bigger boobs part. But the lesser periods, is a fact.

Answer #10

haha thanks. that sucksss haha

Answer #11

No So the pill didnt work sorry

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