How long does it take birth control to enlarge your breasts?

I have been thinking about getting on birth control for a while now. I am a small 34 a. Does birth control really make your breasts bigger and how long does it take it to kick in?

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Birth control can cause weight gain and water retention and that is what CAN cause your boobs to get bigger, however you'll get bigger overall.

Also very FEW women actually has that as a result.

So rather just wait till you are fully grown.

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does birth control make boobs bigger
POSSIBLY, no they do not make every girls boobs bigger
as a side effect, they can cause weight gain
and weight gain leads to an increase in breast size
not all women notice breast increase when there on birth control
in fact, a lot of them dont
and you DONT start going on it just in hopes for bigger boobs
because its very unlikley you'll get what you want
birth control pills are not breast enlargment pills ok

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