How to get out of a big lie, without telling the truth?

Ok before i start asking for advice... Please no mean comments or judgement! I know my lie is stupid.. But there was a reason why i told it. This year has been a really hard year for me i went from super popular for having 6 friends.. And thats it. 2 of those friends are really into the same band as me so i promised them i could get reaaaallly great tickets & backstage passes for my friends. But i have none. I told them that because it was really akward talking to them we had nothing in common. I am a grown woman so i no this was a stupid lie.. But i don't want to loose them as friends! Pleaaasssse help! Oh please don't anwser with: you shouldn't have lied, i no i shouldn't have so its pointless. Well please help!

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Well, if you get out of your big lie by telling more lies, the. You're a shallow person and a fake friend. I feel bad for your "friends" because you got their hopes up. Hopefully you learned your lesson, and next time you'll make friends without feeling like you have to lie.

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Thanks... Anybody else willing too help! No mean comments again please

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You'd gain their respect if you were truthful and fessed up.....we ALL make mistakes.....

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Thanks! But they keep onntexting me & ihaven't replied because i don't no what to say! Please help! The concerts in 2 hours!!

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Like you said, you already know you shouldn't have lied. Now you're asking how to fix it. Come clean, confess, apologize and suffer the consequences. Like Niky and Kahili have already suggested, clear your conscience. The reward is that you won't do it again.

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Just tell your friends that it didn't work out and you couldn't get them. Maybe next time.

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I wish there was something I could say that would help you, but I can't think of anything. Looks like you really painted yourself into a corner.

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Yes.Totally.Niky is correct about that!Gain whoevers respect that you lied to.Btw,lying to someone you normally respect leaves a big hole in your relationship.

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say..the show was sold out??

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Don't tell them it was a lie haha. You'll lose them forsure because it sounds like your friendship was based on those tickets... Say you lost them or got scammed for fake tickets or something. They will have to let it go and it's a win win situation, keep your friends and they don't get mad at you.... Better yet, say you got robbed haha, they will comfort you and have to let it go.... Just advice from one of the best liars you'll ever meet :)

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Unless the people are stupid they will suspect something. :)

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Oh please don't answer with: you shouldn't have lied...

Well you should not have... and in my opinion deserve all you get and your request don't deserve respecting as you are so selfish by the sound of it...trying to get out of it with more lies is pathetic and only self destructive to yourself....your 24 not need to take responsibility for your actions...start respecting other peoples feelings...and be adult enough to realize that you need help, not more lies.

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What I don't understand is why you feel you would lose them as friends if you can't get them the tickets. I would imagine you'd do better *without* friends like that.

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just tell the truth, then you don't have to remember everything you lie about (which is annoyingly difficult), you get a lot more respect for the truth than lying about stuff, think positive about the outcomes too which helps a lot

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It's easier to just tell the truth & by doing that. Your helping yourself
out in the long run by cleaning up your tarnished name. You don't want
to be labeled as a liar for the rest of your life.. Why is it so hard for you
to tell the truth?

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