How can you admit to a big lie, while avoiding alotta drama.?

I rilly need helpwoth this like it’s been totally awful this stuff has been totally exaggerated and then like made up rumors added to it so mow everybody thinks it’s true so I now have to convince everybody that it’s not true hasn’t been true it just got outta control and I just gave up trying to grasp ahold of it and change it.

Answer #1

Are you boycotting commas?

Answer #2

More than likely you wont be able to avoid the drama. Mainly because you didnt tell the truth from the start. I suggest you tell the truth and accept whatever comes your way and be done with the situation. Man or should I say woman-up.

Answer #3

Its the things we hide in darkness that have power over us. Shed some light on it and be free. Just remember tho, that freedom comes at a price and you will face the consequences for that lie. Theres no getting around that, do what you have too, the longer you wait the more worse off it will be.

Answer #4

Well from experience people thrive on drama so weather like it or not it s inevitable if you come clean but for future reference take this advice Better to tell a small lie Than to tell a painful truth…Rumours are painful so next time think before you spark one up K…

Answer #5

if I was in your position,I wouldnt worry about it,just move on,find sum new friends to hang with, a real good friend would stick by you no matter what happens,

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