Best way to improve basketball shot?

Best way to improve basketball shot? From what I’ve read before, it’s mostly practice, practice, practice…but is there any special type of shot that works the best? Eg, shooting over the head, at the chest level, etc?

Answer #1

Kareem…. nice name. I will try my best to help you without being there. Here is what you do: Shoot with the hand that is most comfortable (if you are left or right handed).

The other hand does not shoot the ball, it only controls the ball as it is being shot..understand?

When ball is shot you want to see a few things that will tell you that you are shooting right. 1 The ball should backspin 2 The ball should have an arch, think of the Mcdonalds arches. 3 Your hand (while ball is in the air) should have a (waiving good-bye) look.

How to practice? Now shoot the ball making sure all 3 things I listed take place….go out now and shoot 10 sets of 20, MAKING all 20 this will give you 200 made shots. When you shoot I do not want you outside of the key area. I want you no farther than 4 to 6 feet away from the hoop AT ALL TIMES. What we are doing here is developing your shooting technique, and it is impossible to get propper technique shooting far out. Don’t worry distance will come. Your first shooting drills can start today. Remember make 20.. rest 60 seconds.. repeat this 10 times and if you are feeling good do 20 sets, do this every day. When you make it to a big college or the pros remember me!!!! Let me know how it works out for you. Familycoach

Answer #2

i play down in ruker park in the city and i am 15 and i play on the 21 and under league and i got the most points (68) and the most 3’s (11) and u gotta take 1000 to 1500 set shots and jumpers ice ur elbow afta so u dnt get tendenitus (and i am white) lol

Answer #3

realising from the chest is not good because it is less acurate and u could get blocked/defended easier. try realising from head or above head height.

Answer #4

I prsonally watch great shooters like ray allen shoot like him then when I practice ishoot like that and adjust it till you feel comfotable and keep both hands up I had problem with using one hand forever …p.s dont care how it looks as long as it works cause I rather look bad and win then look good but lose rember that

Answer #5

bend your knees, it helps a lot

Answer #6

what works for me is jump shots

Answer #7

Dear kareem, the best way to get the most shots is to shoot from the chest because it is harder to shoot from over the shoulder.

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