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T-Movement is a combination of sports science, human anatomy and physiology, physical training, and Tennis Coaching – with years of thought put into this project my aim is to reduce chances of injury, improve the way the body functions and ultimately improve your physical performance on the court.

About T Movement

Who we are

At T Movement, we are passionate about analyzing, educating, and coaching tennis footwork and movement. Our founder, Alex Hynes, has years of experience working with elite junior and professional tennis players around the world. With a background in Sport Science and qualifications as a Club Pro Tennis Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Alex is dedicated to helping players improve their tennis-specific movement and footwork to enhance their overall performance on the court.

What we Do

T Movement is the premiere online portal for tennis training. We offer a range of resources, including instructional videos, training programs, and personalized coaching sessions, all focused on improving footwork and movement in tennis players of all levels. Our goal is to help players develop the agility, speed, and coordination necessary to excel in the sport. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or a seasoned player striving to take your game to the next level, T Movement has something for you.

Why you should use us

When you choose T Movement for your tennis footwork and movement training, you are not just getting access to expert coaching and resources, but you are also joining a community of like-minded tennis enthusiasts who are passionate about the sport. Our personalized approach to training ensures that each player receives individualized attention and support to help them reach their full potential on the court. With T Movement, you can be confident that you are receiving top-quality instruction from a knowledgeable and experienced team dedicated to helping you succeed.

What can you ask?

  • How can I improve my footwork on the court?
  • What training programs do you offer for beginner tennis players?
  • Can you provide personalized coaching sessions tailored to my specific needs?
  • Do you have any tips for improving agility and speed in tennis?
  • How can I enhance my coordination and balance while playing tennis?

By asking these questions, visitors can gain valuable insights into our approach to tennis footwork and movement training and discover how T Movement can help them achieve their goals on the court.

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