What's the best way to learn skateboarding tricks?

Like should I go on youtube and look it up, go on a website, get a friend to help, or learn by myself? If you know some good skateboarding websites that teaches you the trick really well then please tell me! Thank You!

Answer #1

The best way I know that you can learn tricks,ask a skateboarder at your school,ask them if they are willing to teach you. If you ask nicely,they might just agree to help you.

Answer #2

Ask a friend. Its not like you can try them inside so I dont reccomend learning it on youtube. Also your friend can see you do it and tell you if your doing it right or wrong or whatever.

Answer #3

Its easy to learn skating tricksin these easy steps. 1)learn the steps to do the trick. 2)try doing the trick without the board. 3)Practice the trick. if you want info on how to do a trick the you should go to youtube and type how to do a name the trick(kickflip) on the search box.Some videos are fakes so if they have a really low rating thenn you may just want to skip them. Tips Also look for videos which tell you what you may be doing wrong in the trick Warning Skating can cause injury so always wear pads befor trying a new trick(I’ve broken 2 teeth). ‘lastly I disagree with summer of 96 …you can find out what you are doing right or wrong by checking videos on youtube

Answer #4

u can try looking it up on youtube and then just compare and see wats the best way for you an also invite your friends so they can see if your doin it wrong or fine.

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