How I can improve my basketball shot?

does anyone know how I can improve my basketball shot cause I want to play on the freshmen team at my school I’m 15 6’3 160 pounds and when I get the ball inside I’m like shaq and yao but when it comes down to shooting we’ll just say it can be better plus basketball tryouts are the day after thanksgiving so if you know anyways I can can improve my shot tell me and do you think I’ll make the team and start

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Keep your elbow tucked in on your shooting arm. They say to point it at the hoop but sometimes that doesn’t feel totally natural. It’s ok if it’s out a little. Also. You should be shooting with your first three fingers and thats it. The ball should roll off those fingers. That’s how players develop such a great “Touch”. Watch the spin of the ball when it comes off your hand. The ball should spin backwards and not to the side. Practice just taking the ball and letting it roll off your first three fingers with a perfect backspin. Just do this in the air a few times to get comfortable with it. Then move to a hoop. Stand close and practice shooting the ball like this directly into the hoop. Play a game. Try to do this so the ball goes through the hoop and does’t touch the rim. I used to do this all the time. See how many I could do in 10 shots.This will help to develop your touch and good form. Then slowly just take two steps backward and do the same thing. Keep doing this and before you know it you will be at the three point line draining three’s.

Also practice this technique at the free throw line.

The farther back you go the more you will have to use your legs. You should not develop power in your shot from pushing your arm. This should all come from bending your knees and pushing up/jumping. This is what will give you power to shoot from longer away. Your arm, wrist and follow through should always be exactly the same, It’s the legs that allow you to shoot from farther away. But… Don’t expect to be perfect. If you are shooting a 3 you will probably need a little help from your arm. But keeping this rule in mind will help you develop a great shot with great touch.

Hope that helps!!!


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Hey man all i’ve got to say is don’t fill up on thanksgiving and try your best. and follow through with your shots, but don’t be nervous i’m sure you’ll make it!

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Scott that actually sound like a plan ijust got done trying it out in my back yard and it work but im going to put it to the test friday at my pratice and saturday at my scrimage. Im a 3(small forward) iusally would play the 2(shooting Gurad) but my shot ben rusty lately. So I just ben driving to hoop. Im a freshman and are Middle school team with undeafeated last year and the year before that we only lost a game. I was in top 5 leading scorers I was the 4th could had ben better if my shot was way better and ididnt have that injury in my wrist. Im pretty sure your tecnique well help me get improve and my team. Thanks This my email questions/Comments

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