How do I stop pimples from reoccuring?

How do I stop pimples from reoccuring?

Answer #1

Get like clean and clear face cream and put that on your face, wait a minute or so (until it sorta stings in a way) (its opening your pores) then wash it off (and ow that your pores are open) wash your face with normal hand soap. Do this in the morning and before bed.

Answer #2

Use anti-bacterial face wash like tea tree and use an oil-free moisturiser. if they dont work you can alternatively go to your doctor and be given tablets to help. I wash my face morning and evening with tea tree face wash then I cleanse, tone and moisturise but I have oily sensitive skin so it sometimes gets irritated and it can make it worse.So I get tablets from my doctor and they really help! Also, make sure yuu use a gentle exfoliating scrub on yuur face once a week x

Answer #3

wash your face everyday twice a day it helps me and on top of that use a moisturizer but you gotta make sure you use it right leave the soap on for about 1 min atleast and then wash it throughly if you rinse your face with a washcloth do not scrub do it lightly and make sure to wet it first andd dont eat so many greasy foods if that is a problem in any way hope this helpss :]

Answer #4

do you wash your face daily and use mositurizer? well I use proactiv and it really works

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