How do I stop getting pimples

How do I stop getting pimples?

Answer #1

eat healthy and clean your skin every time in the shower with soap leave it on for a while then rinse, try useing the neutrogenia wave it works and it afordable trust me im cheap lol!

Answer #2

Depends… sometimes people grow out of it. If you’re a female, you’ll likely get them as your hormones fluctuate with your cycle every month.

One way to HELP prevent pimples it to eat a balanced and highly nutritious diet daily. Make sure you’re getting most of your required vitamins from food (ie. leafy greens, boldy colored fruits and veggies), and supplement the rest with a multi-vitamin. Even if it doesn’t clear up your zits, you’ll be healtier for it.

My daily ritual is as follows (and I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now, with EXCELLENT results!!) : I wash my face with Clean and Clear’s face cleanser in the shower, followed by Nutrogena’s facial scrub, and then followed by Clean and Clear’s deep cleaning facial cleanser. Once I’m out of the shower, I then put on an alcohol free toner for sensitive skin with a cotton ball, and Oil of Olay’s day cream with a cotton ball. At night, I wash my face with a glycerine face bar and put Oil of Olay’s night cream on. It’s a bit intense, but I’ve tried everything else and this is what has worked. I hope you’ll find your face-fix too!

Answer #3

drink water

cleanse tone and moisturise twice a day

clean off make up with cleanser

dont touch your face with dirty hands

and als to have good skin, try usin sun facotr wrks,..honest :D

Answer #4

use some face wash from the drugstore. or use face pads to get all of the oil and dirt of your face.

Answer #5

eat healthy, wash your face all the time, dont get dirrttty, and use face wash stuff x

Answer #6

if you have oily skin, like i do, wash your face twice a day, then apply benzyl peroxide gel or cream all over. moisturize. these websites helped me alot. i had bad acne last year. [link removed]

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