How can I stop from geting pimples?

I am 13 and I hate pimples! I wash my face every night and still get them! It’s not constant, but theyr’e there! What can I do?!! : (

Answer #1

Try Neutrogena Clear Pore

xox Sika

Answer #2

Make sure you wash your face every night before your go to bed bc sleeping in make up is not that great and also when you wake up. I am 16 and and I use proactiv! It really works great on my skin. If you have tried that before and doesn’t work, you should try any of the Neutrogena face scrubs or washes. o and also try to use a oil free moisturizer. Hoped I helped

Answer #3

I have the same problem…I recently got rid of A LOT of my acne from putting egg yoke on my face and letting it dry there for like ten to fifteen minutes..also try putting aloe vera on it

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