How to stop pimples?

I get Pimples everyday. What Can help to Stop them?! Im Sick of it.

Pimple Soap? or Something that Cost cheap.

By The way, Im Australian

Answer #1

try washing your face with cold cold water when you wake uhp && when you go to bed. don’t use body soap or any kind of soap on your face. also, eat healthy… or you could try proactiv?

Answer #2

go to your doctors they give you a crean and liquid that you rub on and it really workd it takes a while for it to work about 6 weeks but in the end your skin will look great

Answer #3

dont panic…there is a simple and effective way that I myself had tried…

wash your face as frequently as possible.. every evening make some warm water..get a rough towel.. wash your face first with the warm water and then firmly wipe your face with the towel socked in the warm water..make sure the water is a little more hot than just warm.. if you have a steamer, try steam bathing your face..
continue this therapy for at least 2 weeks and you will see the results.

Answer #4

its easy?!… first,… you must love your own skin,.. then take care of it nicelly! wash, three times a day,.. eat some plenty of fruits and vegetables especially containing vitamins a, c, and more… take a rest… dont use products that highly recommended,,.. and last,.. but noy the least,.. you must love your own skin!… tahts all thank you!…

Answer #5

somtimes bad complexion is a reslut of stress mixed with not enough or too much washing. id say wash your face maybe once a day. and try to relax :)

Answer #6

Lol, Well I do Yell a lot. Lol I have a Depressing Life.

Answer #7

Use a soap with sulphur and calendula or at least one of them, it works good.

Answer #8

what does your race have to do with anything?!?

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