is it bad for you to eat baking soda?

is it bad for you to eat baking soda?

Answer #1

it will damage your esophagus if you eat it dry, it is edible- but never eat it dry right out of the box.

if you are going to ingest it- mix it thoroughly (until fully disolved) in a glass of water.

of course you can eat anything that uses it as an ingredient- but never dry out of the box.

Answer #2

Baking soda is an edible leavening agent (which DOES whiten teeth - I use it religiously).

It is found in most baked goods, so it’s safe to eat, but I don’t recommend eating it straight out of the box.

Answer #3

lol ok there funny right? lol I thought so! but DONT you dare eat it, I think youd get sick. maby read the warning label and see what it says or something.

Answer #4

lol, Jax:). no, its not bad 4 u. you use it in baking and you can brush your teeth with it 2. supposedly it whitens your teeth…yeah rite!

Answer #5

You can also use Baking soda as an antacid to settle an upset stomach. 1 tablespoon in a cup (4 to 6 ounces) of water works wonders.

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Answer #6

ok because for some strange reason I do eat baking soda

Answer #7

of course not! get a spoon and commence to swallowing…dont worry about chewing haha lol jk DONT!! seriously, I dont know sorry lol

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