What are some fun babysitting activities I can do with a 4 &7 year old?

What are some fun babysitting activities I can do with a 4 &7 year old?

Answer #1

flashlight tag you turn off all the lights and get a flashlight for each kid and and one can be it and the other can hide when they find the ither kid they have to try and get to base without the light touching them you can also play a fashon game and let them dress up in their parents clothes (if its ok with their parents)or your clothes

Answer #2

The Sleeping Game!!!

who gets to sleep LONGER than the other gets to win a bag of candies!!! wahahaha! it’ll solve your probs, and may have time to visit funadvice while they’re competing to sleep longer than the other!! wahahaha!

Answer #3

a lot..those are the best. hide and seek limbo t.v. tag monster you can even go outside and catch fireflies

Answer #4
Answer #5

First off, make sure that the parameters of crafting are known, such as where they are done (if that makes sense). Take them outside and let them paint but make sure that they don’t ruin clothes. If the 4 year old knows their numbers, you can play Go Fish and similar games. If you know any card tricks, ask them if they want to see a cool trick and if it’s easy enough, teach them too. Playing School is fun, especially if they’re the teacher. If you know any origami, make some origami.

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