what are great ways to entertain 4 year olds & 7 year olds?

well im stuck babysititng my little cousins but they get soo crazy and I need to know what would entertain them…

Answer #1

Watching tv works or play a game in the garden if the weather will allow it.

Answer #2

I used to babysit gave it away,Try and settle them down and watch some kid movies,Or get some energy,Tire them out,that’s what I did,they fell asleep,till like 7:00pm hehe :)

Answer #3

You could take them outside to play tag, soccer, hide-n-seek, etc. Kids that age usually like imaginary games so you could play pirates, police, chef, or whatever works. You could ask them what their favourite games are, or you could try bringing over some of your old games or toys to play with, they would be new to the kids so they would probably like that. Stuff like legos, play-doh and tinkertoys is always fun too :) Good luck!

Answer #4

You can let them watch t.v or get coloring books:]

Answer #5

It really depends on what the kids like but I also babysit and I keep them busy with different activities suggestions: play wii (or any game), bake cookies, make a craft, go outside, draw with chalk, make a fort using blankets and chairs, and then towards the end watch a movie so they’ll settle down make some snacks, if it’s nigttime make warm milk sweetned with honey…that makes them calm down. :D

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