We're going to try again for our little one, any tips?

Hello, I’m back me && my boyfriend stopped all of the fighting and the first two miscarriages were really hard on us, but we managed and got threw time. Our bad times are done no more worrying about our past because we both know its our future. We’re going to try again for our little one they we’ve been wanting for almost a year now. and we are very excited to see him or her in person and in the print outs we get from the hospital. We both know how much work a baby it is && how much it would cost. we both can handle love support and take care of our son or daughter. We both know people who DON’T KNOW us will talk us down, because I am with him and he is older. But THAT DOES NOT bother us. Its our life and were going to be happy. so don’t say nothing about the age.. here are my questions?

Best Position to conceive? Are these names cute, Girl Sarina Ann && Boy Roger Dale (( after my Hubby)) Best Place when we conceive for baby registry. What color to Paint his or her bedroom?

Any Tips or concerns Let me know?

Answer #1

First, I am not putting you down. I’m just going to offer you some life experience. My son is now 23 but I had him very young so I do know what you are about to go thru.

First, finish school. I didn’t. And while I have still been able to give my kids a good life, it would have been easier on everyone if I had followed thru with my education.

Now, let’s talk about your relationship. You said yourself that you all have had problems and have recently worked them out. If it was me, I would wait awhile and make sure things have been worked out. If you both are truly in love and want a baby there is no harm in making sure and neither one of you should mind a little wait to make sure it is what is meant to be. I have no idea what the age difference is and I really don’t care. You 2 are the only ones that is should matter to. Just please, step back and wait a few months to make sure all your issues have been resolved.

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