Should I go with the one I was in love with or the one I like?

Im confused I dont know if I should go with the girl who I was in love with or go wit the girl I really like..what should I do?

Answer #1

Never leave tha one you love for da one you like because.. da one you like will leave you for the one they love…

Food for thought…

Answer #2

DONT EVER LEAVE THE ONE YOU LOVE FOR THE LIKE cause the one you like will in an instant leave you for the one you love.

I know its cliche but dont give up love for like

Answer #3

ONE YOU LOVEE!!! I made that mistake before.. trust me.. it’s NOT worth it. Well.. I don’t know yur a guy so I don’t know.

Answer #4

The one you love. if she means everythin 2 u dont leave her.

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