Who knows if a atheist can be expelled from a catholic school?

Ok, I go to a catholic private school, because me parents believe in god. I, however, am a strong atheist, and I actively dispute and debate the rationality and facts behind religion. I was wondering if I’d be expelled for reading richard dawkin’s “the god delusion” in school, and if so, would I be able to press charges for discrimination against my school?

Answer #1

nope they cant…my friend is and I go to a catholic school and im sooo blessed to be there…all I can say is if you have the money then your more then welcome to go there

Answer #2

With 100% certainty you will NOT be expelled from your school.

The only things that will be extremely difficult for you is when the schools has ‘religious’ lessons, eg: Bible study classes, prays in the morning, lunch and when classes finish ends each day and many more which you can decline not to participate, but these are not grounds for expulsion.

I know in my high school, I had friends who only attended our Christian school because their parents wanted a private education for them and hope they make friends with kids who had influential and wealth off parents who can help their kids later on with their career lifes when the kids graduated.(business networking).

Just because you go to a religious school in Australia, does not mean you as a student need to follow their faith, though as I mentioned above, it would make your school days easier as a student if you follow the school’s rules, practices and guidelines.

The only time you will get expelled is if you disrupt classes and assembly time by being vocal and cause chaos by deferring the religious teachings of the school, which will result in you being suspended, then expelled for being a nuisance. :)

Bear in mind, once you get expelled, a lot of the Catholics, Christians and other private schools will not take you in and you will end up in a public (government run) schools anyway, and you will not get to select which school you want go too as you are only permitted to enrol in the school/s within your suburb.

Answer #3

You need not be expelled, but your school may be only for Catholic pupils and not obliged to teach atheists.

Answer #4

I went to a jesuit university and a lot of philosophy and history professors we have are atheists although the heads in the school are all jesuit priests. is it possible that some of your professors are atheists too? its unlikely that you’re the only one in your school who doesn’t believe in religions. tolerance and freedom of speech are practiced in our school. you’ll be the only one to know if your school is like that too.

as for the expulsion, there’s a school code of conduct handbook that lists the situations that will become expulsion cases. you could probably check that out.

in your country, is there a discrimination law or something? if there is then, it is possible to press charges.

EDIT: wow, I just read all their answers and seems like im the only one who thinks this. :S anyways, I have a friend who went to a catholic university in my country and she said there are more non-practicing catholics there than her previous school which was non-sectarian. its like the stricter the school about religion, the more rebellious the students are. but that was just her observation I guess.

Answer #5

I go to a catholic school. I do not believe in the catholic practise. You won’t get expelled!!.. Soo many people in my class are atheists. They freely express their views infront of teachers and they don’t receive punishments or sanctions or anything!

Answer #6

Whereas, the parents, at time of signing…probably did in fact read some of the various documents that were a binding contract.

And probably agreed to uphold some of the bylaws of the school, such as religious belief, respect for faith, etc, etc.

So…yes, YOU didn’t sign said contract, your parents did…it’d be up to a court in any case to see who had the right of things (and the wrong)…still, if you want to push it, by all means…but, is this really a battle you want to fight? Sabotage probably has a better chance of making a real impact, than grandstanding…imho.

Answer #7

This is an interesting question. Catholic schools do not generally require students to agree up front to religious preconceptions, and even if they did, it wouldn’t hold up unless you are 18+.

So it seems like that makes religious schools places of public accommodation in regard to the students (although not necessarily the parents), and thus subject to religious anti-discrimination laws.

IN contrast to what thedude stated, you didn’t sign up for Catholic school, your parents/guardians did.

Answer #8

you could easy get expelled, and since it is a PRIVATE catholic highschool, pressing charges would do absolutely nothing because since they are private, they can do pretty much whatever they want and expel whoever they want. plus, because they mainly practice religion and it is the base of their whole school, in court, you would have no chance of saying your being discriminated against. the court would laugh and say: if you an atheist, dont go to a catholic school. its as simple as that.

Answer #9

Well maybe you SHOULD get kicked out and that’ll wake em up.

Answer #10

shame. because it isnt entirely my fault. It’s not s though I CHOOSE to go to a catholic school. more of my parents forcing me

Answer #11

No, as you signed up for a CATHOLIC school…they (generally) wouldn’t accept an aetheist, because a requirement of admission would be the sharing of similar belief system.

I’m not a lawyer, though…but, in my view, a friend of mine who IS a judge…and was an attorney…would probably laugh (inwardly) and toss the case out of court, at least in the US.

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