Arguments against reincarnation?

What are some arguments against reincarnation? More so logical type of arguments would help. I’m doing a thesis if that helps… :D

Answer #1

well I kind of agree with the first person on the list and it may be a little late. there is no way to prove or disprove it. but I would think a the only logical argument against it would be if all souls are being recycled over and over again aside from those whom reach nirvana, why does the population keep growing so rapidly?

Answer #2

Its not really practical to use logic, when discussing topics that defy logic to begin with. There’s no real way to prove or disprove that reincarnation occurs. People often base their logic on scientific information. Information that is usually accepted as factual, but still cannot be universally proven to be factual.

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I like captainassassin’s answer “Its not really practical to use logic, when discussing topics that defy logic to begin with.” You can’t argue logically from any religious standpoint because faith is above logic.

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I agree with mandyloo. Until recently I would argue for reincarnation but sense a very recent eye opening event I no longer believe in it. Its not provable. Toadaly and Jimahl make good points too.

Answer #5

if you wanted to use some logic, you could say that if we are all reincarnated, how come the population is increasing?

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Reincarnation is rooted in the idea that we have something like a soul. But there is no place for a soul. Science has demonstrated that our brains, rather than some invisible soul thingy, are what define who we are.

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then what do I do! im tecnically doing new age…against new age…and I have no firm arguments as a Christian, and its hard to use the Bible because its a different umm… foundation? and also my teacher dosnt want me to just use a bunch of verses… ^.^

Answer #8

true jimah but notice as the human population increases animal population decreases but you never know.

To make a logical argument against it you would have to go against your own beliefs roysters. & you do realize that the belief of reincarnation is not a New Age thing, it goes back to nearly Pantheism & I really don’t see how that website is helpful, it’s a Christain ranting about their view points & claims in the bible. The bible has been disporevn on a # of times.

Answer #9

There are no valid arguments against re-incarnation This is because re-incarnation fits a particular set of faith models. Faith models seek to use concepts to fill in lack of physical proof’s. As soul’s are spiritual, and leave no physical imprint unless bound to a body, no physical evidence of soul’s can be detected during body manifestation and hence re-incarnation has to be a matter of faith You can reason re-incarnation, but you can’t build physical argument against it, because re-incarnation is a spiritual phenomena

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Yea good point captain.

Answer #11

agreed with captainasassin

Answer #13

this actually helps a lot! thanks all!

Answer #14

Hmm… I wouldn’t consider faith to be ‘above’ logic, or vice versa. They’re just incompatible.

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