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For those who believe in afterlife, honestly I would like to do so. Life is good. But consider this… Everyday many are born and I mean many human as well as animals and its easy to say that the life has blossomed and, well, increased in number. If a person dies and is reborn, then lets go back to the time when there was no life on earth. Where did it come from suddenly?? (Apart from the scientific explanations…) It clearly shows no life was reborn, it started somehow. Given this universe is still unexplored, whose ends we might never know it is not improbable that there is life else where. So for those of you who is of the argument that may be that a solar system collapsed and all its life forms were imported to earth (sorry for the seemingly slang) consider the Big Bang. The start of the universe 4.5 billion years ago. The start of time. (Though the LHC experiment has failed it does not write of Big Bang). Life did start. So Life can end.

Answer #1

I am not arguing that the afterlife exists, or about the big bang, or about the beginning of the earth, your theories make a lot of assumptions about beliefs held by certain groups of people, which are not necessarily true when you are talking about those groups of people who believe life magically appeared (remember, God, poofing the world into existence?)… now I think it is ludicrous, but that is what they believe…

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You really don’t need a theory to disprove the idea of an afterlife. All you have to do is look at a corpse and realize it really is dead. It’s obvious death is the permanent end of life, but that’s unpleasant, so people concoct all kinds of ways of denying it.

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Well yes I understand that, it is a very good point however reincarnation requires a force beyond what we can comprehend. I am not very familiar with the concept but I sounds like there would be some kind of supreme force to direct it right? Buddist do believe in a god and reincarnation (I think). So if they believe in a god then they also believe in a force that is the author of life. All I am saying is that when it comes to a higher power, that power is beyond limits.

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The arguments about God do not hold for me here. The question is not about the existence of God. That would be a different thread. The question is about reincarnation. May be god is gets related. But given the argument I’ve given does it not sound like there is a good probability that reincarnation is absurd. And about the assumptions, it does not seem to me that any of the arguments are assumed, look around, see the world. I don’t no if Big Bang sounds like an assumption, does not to me at least.

Answer #5

I think you are talking about reincarnation. As for life you are placing expirations of life because you are living in a world and a body that is dictated by time. You have to consider that we religious weirdo’s believe in a G-d that all things are possible. The laws of nature do not apply to G-d because he created nature. You are writing this on a computer that was created by man, the computer is bound by the laws that we have given it. It acts according to our design just as we act according to G-d’s design. The design can still be changed as we are doing with computers every day. G-d Bless.

Answer #6

Your argument makes a lot of assumptions… According to several theologies, life was not present until God. And God is apparently timeless…

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