Does anyone have an anxiety disorder?

i think i have one, but i havn’t been diagnosed~

Answer #1

I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) I don’t know when it started.. I could have always been like that, but it has gotten worse over the years.

Answer #2

I have panic and OCD. The only thing that’s ever helped my panic are strong benzos, such as Valium or Xanax, which end up making me a zombie or putting me to sleep.

So I fight panic by using breathing techniques. Yoga also helps.

Answer #3

how long did it take to be diagnosed?

Answer #4

yeah, i heard taking meds for these types of things have negetive side effects…

Answer #5

I was diagnosed quickly, and she gave me depression pills (supposedly they help with OCD) but they just made me insane so I stopped taking them.

Answer #6

how did they make you insane :0 that’s scary to here, because i think i’ll be diagnosed with either depression or anxiety, I KNOW IT because soemthing isn’t right within myself..

Answer #7

I just don’t do well on any medication… but depression pills make me feel worse.. (that’s just how I am, for you it could be different) it made me really mean, moody, just… grr.. so I’d rather deal with my OCD lol..

Answer #8

lol. yeah i heard there are many negetive side effects for those meds, but anyways i dont mean to ask anything personall but what are you OCD about. i just wanna know a little more about this because i think i have something…

Answer #9

moe214, what med was it? I do well on a combination of Celexa and Wellbutrin (SSRI + MAOI combo). The combination of the two types of antidepressents works awesome for my OCD. Unfortunately, I can’t find a psychatrist that takes my insurance around here (we have really bad insurance), so I’m only on the Celexa now and the OCD is back with panic pretty bad.

Answer #10

Not always. Sometimes you just have to find the right one or combo (see my answer to Moe above about SSRI + MAOI combos for OCD and anxiety disorders). Everyone is different with medicine reactions. I do great on a combo of Celexa and Wellbutrin. My boyfriend got really depressed when his father died, and started having OCD/Hoarding behaviors, and Zoloft works for him. Could take a couple days getting used to, but some medicines Really can help. We both had headaches and diarrhea the first few days on our meds, but once our bodies adjusted, we were fine and the meds worked great. It’s just finding the right one / combo for YOU.

Answer #11

I just can’t use benzos, like Valium or Xanax because I’m a recovering opiate addict and they trigger me with sedation.

Answer #12

First it was Welbutrin, (made me nuts) then they tried Prozac, but I couldn’t handle it, so I just stopped taking everything.

Answer #13

I do, and it drives me crazy, and probably ever one around me.I am constantly worrying over everything.And when I get somthong on my mind

Answer #14

Sorry never got to finish , when

Answer #15

when i get something on my mind i obsess over it forever,and most of the time i an worrying for no reason.It drives me nuts.

Answer #16

I have OCD, they tried to put me on an antidepressant when it got really bad, but I dont like pills so I learned to control it pretty well. It still creeps up on me when I get really anxious, it’s a contamination/obsessive washing. I’m a little unusual in that most people tend to develop it before they become adults and then you also have a large proportion who develop it in their thirties/fourties. Disorders dont take like a length of time to be diagnosed. They just have a technical length of time that the symptoms must have been ongoing. For example major depressive disorder it’s two weeks, dysthymia it’s two years, most anxiety disorders dont have spefic lengths of time that symptoms must be present (panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, phobias, generalized anxiety, OCD).

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