Is it right to hurt an animal?

do you think its right to hurt an animal???

Answer #1

No!!! I t is wrong to hurt an animal, God is against animal cruelty, so that just proves animal cruelty is wrong and he wants us to be against animal cruelty, too!:)

Answer #2

I guess I don’t “get it”…what are you asking, exactly? Butching meat? Hunting? Laboritories? You can’t be asking if it’s “ok” to go walking out the back door and beat the dog with a stick…

Can you be a tad more specific?


Answer #3

NO its not right to abuse an animal because even though they cant communicate with a human they feel and have pain if you do something to them and if your going to have a pet its not to mistreat it because for that you should give it to an adoption center where another family could give it love and care because then the animal is going to get aggresive and be all hurted and it wouldnt be right because they are innocent creatures that could in fact protect you.

Answer #4

I would never hurt my animals. I love them and each is like a member of my family. But I have lived on a farm and had a wild dog killing livestock. It had to be shot. You could not catch it, it was wild.

I have seen roosters and geese attack children, they end up in the cooking pot.

Domestic dogs have been know to breed with wild dogs and coyotes and their offspring are more cunning then a wild coyote. They have been known to attack children.

If a dog was attacking a child in front of my house I would shoot it. There wouldn’t be time to call animal control.

But to just abuse an animal for the fun of it. I think those people should have the same done unto them.

Answer #5

Are you referring to medical treatment after an animal has been, say hit by a car?

Are you referirng to an animal that has just attacked a child or has killed all your chickens in your chicken house or killed all your ducks? Or one that is attacking your young calves.

Are you referring to an animal that got lose at the zoo after killing it’s trainer?

Are you referring to an animal that is very sick and dying that needs to be out of pain?

OR are you referring to someone that just shoots someone’s cat for the sport of it, or hits their dog in anger?

Your question is to broad?

Too just hurt an animal for no justified reason, No that is wrong.

Answer #6

no hurting a animal thats defendless and for no reason even if there was a reason theres no need for anybody to hurt an animal I dont care who you are the president a king or queen you do not ever I repeat ever hurt or touch a animal if anybody ever does I curse them for the rest of there lives!!

btw im not saying this to you cause I dont think your the one hurting a animal are u??

this is just for anybody that thinks is fun to abuse animals!!

Answer #7

that not right at all (be nice to them ) it would be like somebody hitting you

Answer #8

Abuse of animals is the ultimate breakdown of the human-animal bond. I think the best thing I can do for them is be their Voice.

Answer #9

why would you want to hurt a animal anyway, its sick!!

Answer #10

NO NOT AT ALL!!! its sick an disgusting!! people who hurt animals should be shot!!!

Answer #11

There’s accidental injury and injury due to abuse. Which one are you talking about?

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