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where do people find the video that shows what people do to animals for food, the way they kill them or something? I hear about it all the time but where can I find it?

Answer #1

The vasy majority of meat in this country is raised on ‘factory’ farms. The treatment they receive is horrid. The way they are killed is horrid.

I am a vegetarian, do not wear fur or leather, do not use products that contain animal by-products or test on animals and work undercover exposing puppymills. I am happy to read this post. We need more young people in the ‘movement’ who are aware of the cruelty involved in the treatment of companion animals and farm animals.

I recommend the PETA website, especially the pig factory farm video…be prepared it is hard to watch.

You can help by starting a group to spread the word… 90% of the puppies sold in pet stores are from puppymills… 25% of dogs in shelters are pure breeds… Every year over 9 million dogs and cats are killed in this country because they do not have a home. Animals die when you buy! Adopt! Spay/Neuter! Do not believe that all breeders are ‘responsible. Take a closer look at those responsible breeders. They generally advertise in a few well-known national magazines, or on their own websites. In one issue of one cat magazine there are individual listings for about 700 breeders; and a similar number in a comparable dog publication. If each of those breeders produces only three litters per year (an extremely conservative estimate), with an average of 6 per litter, those breeders are putting out more than 25,000 puppies and kittens per year. The American Kennel Club registered nearly 1,175,500 puppies in 2000; the Cat Fanciers Association registered about 107,000 kittens from 13,951 active breeders.

Here is a good website


Answer #2

PETA is great. You can also get a documentary that was shown on HBO…’Dealing Dogs”…

Answer #3 or I love that site <3 join the street team! it’s awesome!

Answer #4

Peta. or Youtube .Com

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